It’s True

Although I never go out of my way to mention it and some times actively try to suppress the knowledge, I find myself admitting that today is my birthday. The cat is already out of the bag anyway. I was taken on a birthday lunch by my co-workers and a nice dinner by my wife. Generally, it has been a pretty chill day.

Oh, and the AmigoFish box decided to celebrate by taking a big dump to the point where I am once again going to have to have it re-imaged and restored from backup. Thanks, box!

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

11 thoughts on “It’s True”

  1. Dave, Happy BDay! Hope it was a brilliant day! So you’re 16 again?! Congrats!

    Good luck with the AmigoFish box…

  2. The cat can’t be too far out of the bag, Dave. My place has less readership than the Norton Daily Telegram.

    James said it best a couple of years ago:

    Look at it this way, it’s not that we are celebrating that you are older, we are celebrating another year of your presence. And the fact that it is a presence worth celebrating says alot.


  3. Mark:

    My earlier observation only concerned number of readers, not the obvious sophistication and savoir faire of the readership base. 🙂

    Plus, the Telegram would cost a small fortune to deliver to Taiwan. It’s $80.00/year or so here.


  4. Dave,

    Ditto to what your brother said (no I’m not and never was a Limbaugh dittohead, I just find the word/phrase useful.)


    You can always say that about Mark, no matter what else you say about him behind his back. LOL

    So Mark, does this mean my 4 reader blog also has international reach?!? ( :: sniff, sniff :: says he with a tear in his eye, and a proud look on his face, chin held high.)

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