The Return of the Return of AmigoFish

Truly, AmigoFish is the Rasputin of projects. Shoot it, drown it, it comes back. The box is back up and functioning minimally and was restored from backup as of Wednesday AM. Tomorrow the full backup will continue. The blog is not up and won’t be until tomorrow. I’ve decided to move it to a different box, and by doing that I can get rid of PHP entirely and focus the whole main server box on Ruby on Rails. The one upside of these cascading catastrophes is that they allow you to fix the mistakes of your previous setups (sometimes because you have no choice.)

Unfortunately, I have a day trip and can’t work on it until late tonight or early tomorrow. I was worried that I wouldn’t have it back before I left, so last night was a fun evening of stress and work. Thankfully, I got it back shortly before midnight and could rest somewhat easy.

I am, however, in the mid-term looking for a new hosting service for this. Enough stuff was done wrong at the hosting end to make me want to shop around now. It could have been a fraction of the work of the reimaged box was set up right, but it wasn’t. What places that rent you a whole Linux box do folks recommend? Rackspace? Hurricane Electric?

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4 thoughts on “The Return of the Return of AmigoFish”

  1. Scott Burns says:

    I lease a couple cheap Debian boxes from ServerBeach ( for work and they’ve served us well.

  2. Where I work, we have our wiki set up on a WebIntellects server. A wiki is probably less stressful than amigofish, but as far as I can tell they’re a pretty good hosting company.

    We’ve got a virtual private server, which means a complete machine to play with. And while they don’t mention backups anywhere I can see, they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee with account credit if that drops even to 99.8% 😉

  3. dave says:

    Thanks guys, I’ll check both of those out.

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