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The AmigoFish box should be back up to it’s new status quo, which is most of the functionality operational and asymptotically approaching 100% rapidly. I have moved things around, and now the AmigoFish blog will be hosted off that box. The DNS changes went in this morning, so it may take a day or three to propagate around the net. In the future, if AmigoFish goes down there will be notices on the blog available. However, they are both hosted in the same datacenter, so if a backhoe cuts the line to the facility both will be equally unavailable.

I’d just like to go on record to say that things have generally sucked since the morning of my birthday until now. Here’s to hoping they get a little better soon.

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2 thoughts on “AmigoFish and Blog”

  1. So now would be a good time to say Happy Birthday! 😛

  2. dave says:

    Sure, thanks. Things haven’t been very happy, but they have been a birthday.

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