Galaxie 500

I’m listening to an archived copy of Jon Kincaid’s Personality Crisis radio show and on it he played all Galaxie 500 music for his 2 hours. Wow, I haven’t listened to them in at least a decade but I’d forgotten how good they are. Hearing their music makes me feel like I’ve just woken from a dream — or maybe that I haven’t quite woken up yet and I’m still dreaming. The show is old enough to have already rolled out of the WREK archives, but dang it was a good one.

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  1. Yeah, another good show by Jon, this week’s is a winner so far too. I hadn’t known that “Listen, The Snow Is Falling” was a Yoko Ono cover. I saw them play the Point back in the day and I remember what a cutie the bass player was …

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