Hard Days

With the server crash on my birthday and a canine health crisis in our household, these are very tough days lately. I recorded an episode of the podcast on August 2 but haven’t had the chance to post it. I’ll get to everything as I can. The nascent GTD is falling apart because I haven’t really been doing the reviews regularly or worked off the big backlog of the mega-inbox from day 0. C’est la vie, c’est la mort.

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3 thoughts on “Hard Days”

  1. hugh says:

    My copy of GTD arrived yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to start reading it yet. In the meantime, I’ve made a Hipster and started using it to capture things I need to do, be they new things, or old things that come back on the radar. Don’t despair over your in box. If you can merely avoid getting further behind, that itself is a success. When Gary Booch talks to people about changing their methodology, he always tells them to start where they have the most pain, rather than try to change everything. I think for folks like you and me, that’s the stuff that’s right in front of us, not some half-done thing from a year ago. I don’t even want to think about what the result of my sweep would look like. You have part of a room. I’ll probably have to rent an airplane hanger.

  2. Ken Nelson says:

    I agree with Hugh. The pile can be partitioned into a list of smaller processing sessions, and you should be OK. I did that to a certain extent with my collecting. There are two or three cells of stuff that I’ll tackle as I get to them; hopefully, sooner rather than later. In the interim, I’m trying to apply the remaining principles on a daily basis.

    On a get-well note, I hope everything is OK with amazing Gracie.


  3. Steve Holden says:

    The weekly review is the hardest thing for me to stick to after practicing GTD for nearly two years. The weeks I do it though are 100% better. – Steve

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