Grace Slusher, 1991 – 2006

Gracie at the Beach

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Today we buried our best friend and most loyal companion. For over fifteen years she has been the love of our lives, and now we have an empty hole in our hearts that aches so bad I don’t know how we can bear it. I’ve spent nearly my whole adult life trying to be worthy of the affection of this dog, and now it is my life’s work to one day achieve that.

Goodbye Grace. I loved you and I love you and I will always love you.

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16 thoughts on “Grace Slusher, 1991 – 2006”

  1. Sorry to hear it. We’re one year into our love
    affair with the first dog I’ve ever had, Stella.
    I’m beginning to understand why pet owners feel the
    way you do when their pets die.

  2. So sorry to hear about your losing Grace. She lived a long life and was fortunate to be part of your family.

  3. Dave,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. As a longtime family member with fur persons included (and having lost Sterling last year at 21), I have felt a similar grief. Nothing replaces the space they took in your heart; your goal is an honest and worthy one.We do have two new members of the family who occupy our time and our love today;the ache changes. My thoughts are with you tonight.

  4. I truly wish that offering sincere condolences actually helped. Pets are an important part of our lives, and it’s beyond sad to see them go.

    Warm regards and sincere empathy,

    – Dan

  5. Thanks everyone. Your kind wishes mean a lot. Even though we know it was time or even a little past, it was still really hard. I didn’t want to let her go and even now we wish we had petted her and hugged and kissed her one more time.

    I suspect for a long time very simple random things will start us crying. A little bit ago, I dropped a little bit of tomato on the kitchen floor and started bawling when I realized that Grace wasn’t going to run over and eat it. Her absence will be a raw wound for a very long time. It’s been less than 12 hours and I miss her so bad I could just jump in the hole with her.

  6. I remember Grace … so sorry to hear it. I know that when our Churchy (LaFemme, a big grey cat with enough character to fill a large dog) it just tore us up. That was 8 years ago. We still talk about Churchy all the time.

  7. I’ll have a good thought for Grace tonight. Loss is inevitable. Focus on the abundance of love and relevance she brought to your lives. Time does not heal all, or really any, wounds. But it does make them bearable.

  8. Oh man… I am *so* sorry to hear this. Having been there ourselves last year, I’ll just say this: the good memories never fade. You’ll be enjoying the times you had with Grace over and over again in your thoughts, and that *is* a wonderful thing. May she rest in peace, knowing just how loved she was.

  9. really sorry to hear about gracie’s passing dave – when we lost kirra last summer we were all hit pretty hard, but as dave h said so well in his comment, remembering all the good times really helps as does knowing that she had a good life as part of your family and loved both of you just as much as you both loved her does too…

    our thoughts are w/ you guys…

  10. My wife came with a dog, a miniature poodle named Peppie. I always teased my wife about that dog, but when he died, I cried the hardest. After I buried him I let off firecrackers and bottle rockets^1 in his honor. This has become a tradition in our family, whenever our pets pass on. I commend the practice to you.

    ^1 Whistling Moon Travelers–Highly recommeded.

  11. My sincerest sympathies and condolences. I still miss George, my feline companion for 17 years, almost a year since he died. I don’t know what to tell you, except that as much as it hurts, I’d rather have the pain of his loss than never have known him.

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