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I’m almost loathe to admit this in public, but I need some Windows help. I maintain one box in the house for those things that I just can’t run elsewhere or aren’t feasible to use with Wine, etc. Does someone out there have the Windows 2000 install media that they would be willing to send me? I’m not asking for a bootleg version. I have a legally licensed copy with a valid serial number, but I need to reinstall and can’t find my CD. I specifically am looking for W2K and not XP because I don’t want to deal with all the nonsense that comes along with that. I can deal with W2K and it works just fine for my needs. However, after 6 years any Windows installation is likely to crap its own drawers and sure enough this one finally has.

If you can help me out, drop me an email. Thanks in advance, inkernets!

Update: Looks like I’ve got plenty enough people mailing me about this. No need to email any more. I appreciate the response folks.

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4 thoughts on “Need Windows Help”

  1. Dom Barnes says:

    Its times like these you wish you had a spare hard disk somewhere to store ISO’s of all the operating systems you ever had.
    I have just had to deal with a fresh install of XP onto a new laptop drive (20gb just isn’t enough these days). Well, actually twice since the first install didn’t go quite to plan.
    Is it just me or is there a certain amount of excitement in updating a fresh install? A bliss knowing that you’re 100% free of spyware, adware, virii? Well at least for a few minutes.

    Good luck anyway Dave. Hope someone answers your cry.

    My best wishes to you and your family too over the loss of Gracie. Having lost our dalmation several years ago, I know how much it can affect people.

  2. There’s absolutely that bliss, Dom. And I would say that it applies to other operating systems; I think I’ve become addicted to installing Xubuntu and various OS X installations. (Then again, perhaps I tell myself I’m “addicted” so as not to think of the other possibility, that I’m caught in a vicious cycle of failing hardware, every new system requiring a fresh installation…)

  3. Dom says:

    Unfortunately for me, having moved into a flat recently, I have no space for my desktop (which is residing at my parents house, sad and unused) so I don’t have the luxury of having a non-main PC to try out other OS’s at the mo. I have ubuntu waiting to install, and gentoo, but nowhere to try it. And trying to get a free old laptop to refurbish is difficult at best.

    Being a converted Mac user since October 2004 (started off with a 3rd Gen iPod which I still think is a thing of beauty), I do prefer it to Windows, largely cos I don’t have to worry about virises (and yes I know Mac’s aren’t immune to them). But also, its good to have a OS that isn’t purposefully designed for corporate clients. I mean Microsoft get their bulk income from corporations. I like the individual user features and feel of Mac OS X. I mean what use would Time Machine be to a large company really? But for me, that would be good. I hate to count the times I’ve accidentally deleted something. I once deleted a 4.18gb folder I really didnt want to.

    Just ranting here, one thing that I do like about windows is the network use. I like not having to mount each individual share first before browsing it. Can I not just connect to another computer and then browse all their shared folders like it was a local folder? My only criticism.

    Anyway, way off topic here. Glad Dave’s got his disc.

    And speaking of failing hardware, why doesn’t XP recognize my 2.5″ HD USB caddy? Why?!

  4. Tilted Edge says:

    I noticed that Steve Jobs finally decided that Apple users can handle a 2 button mouse. I hope they don’t get too upset and confused about this option.

    Mac users love to knock Microsoft yet it hardly ever goes the other way around and I finally figured out why. As the underdog, Apple users feel threatened. They are like those tiny little dogs who get more upset and bark at you with so much energy that you just want to kick them but you don’t because that is not a mature thing to do.

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