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Since the Shuffle died and I’ve been using the mobiBLU, my podcast workflow has been screwed up. I really miss using the smart iTunes playlists that automatically updated when I plugged the device in. I’ve found that lately when I’ve been stressed and harried, quite often I’ve been making mistakes with my manual reconciliation of what I’ve listened to. I keep neglecting to delete files off the MP3 player, and keep finding myself with the same episode of something over and over. That can be a real drag, particularly when I run out of listening because I had a big chunk of my capacity filled with things I’d already listened to.

With the new lifestyle and the job outside the house, I do have a huge backlog. There are a number of shows that I’m just listening to their first August episodes. I have to get a little more ruthless about cutting and or skipping things. To make matters worse (or better, depending on your perspective) I got a bunch of new neighbors in AmigoFish and got a giant load of recommended episodes from that.

If I feel behind on the audio podcasts, that’s nothing compared to video. I’m only up to the beginning of March in my viewing. I broke the strict ordering and watched a bunch of the Tiki Bar TV episodes over lunch today. That show just makes me happy. What gets me is how many people in AmigoFish hate it! Whose heart is that hard or tastes that askew? Oh well, that difference in taste is what makes the whole thing work, so I shouldn’t complain. If it wasn’t for that, there would be no reason for AmigoFish to exist. I really need to get the video viewing working on the Sharp Zaurus, because I have pushing 1000 videos to watch. Yipes!

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Workflow”

  1. Rob says:

    Your prior entry supports my premise, and I’m sure it’s occurred to you but will say it anyway…

    Dave, be good to yourself, go buy a big-assed video iPod with a screen and iTunes integration and all that other stuff you know you need. I say it that way because the difference between want and need can be so easily justified/rationalized. You’ll love having all your stuff in one place, love taking everything with you, enjoy a huge win when you get caught up… man it just all seems so clear to me (that I must be missing something key). I say break out the plastic and be good to yourself. Call it the money you didn’t spend on the PDA.

    Heck, I’ve worked myself into a lather… are you still selling the stuff package? I see the link but you haven’t mentioned it in awhile (AFAIK, I’ve got catching up to do of my own).

  2. Derek says:

    People hate Tiki Bar TV? That amazes me. I think it is hilarious. Doctor Tiki’s serious to the point of absurdity delivery is great.


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