I’ll be the first to admit that my recent jump into the Getting Things Done system was a false start. I’ve probably even done worse than average lately, despite trying to keep up with things via the Hipster PAA. A major contributor to that is that since the death of Gracie, I honestly don’t give a shit about much. Whether things do or don’t get done, so what? We’re still in the lonely house without our puppy. I know that this will shake off eventually, but until it does I feel like I’m treading water in life.

I do know that I need to get back on the stick. All the motivations that prompted me to want to begin GTD in the first place are still there and more present than ever. I honestly want to be super productive and on top of things, and I know the delta between where I am and that goal is relatively small. This will require digging a little deeper, like that sprint at the end of a long run when you don’t feel like you have anything else to push with but you push harder anyway. Let me channel the voice of Neil Melillo my old football coach – “Push, you lazy bastard, push!”

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5 thoughts on “Re-GTD”

  1. Paul says:

    What’s The Next Action blog had a pretty cool post today. Maybe it will inspire.

  2. Ken Nelson says:


    My GTD start was less than auspicious in its own right. I haven’t written about it yet, but one thing I have faithfully done is to keep up with the PAA.

    I think we differ somewhat in methodologies, but my PAA serves, or will serve, to feed my Palm PDA, which is the focal point of my approach.

    It sounds like in your case there was enough GTD spark left to keep up with the Hipster; such was the case for me in my not as grievous, but equally distracting, circumstances.

    As time goes on, the habits developed in GTD should surface in a crisis, or simply stressful times, and keep things on an even keel.

    Hang in there!


    I’ll now claim my place in your readership by stating that I know who Neil Melillo is; thanks for the blast from the past.

  3. kjax says:

    Wow. I kind of came across this site by accident. Considering I know who Neil Melillo is and considering I knew a David Slusher growing up in Northwest Kansas, I wonder if I knew you. The David I knew definitely was a genius and I can see where evil would come into play…lol.

  4. Tim says:

    Hi all!
    I stumbled across this site quite by accident while “googling” Neil Melillo. When I read the post that said, “push you lazy bastard”, I can guarantee it’s the same guy!! I played for him in Junior High School in Colorado. I loved playing for that guy.

  5. Steve D says:

    This has nothing to do with techno-talk.

    I too googled Neil Melillo. An “evil Genius?” Not too sure about that. He was a good Catholic kid when he and I knew each other.

    I’ve a different perspective… Neil was my best friend in High School… Essex Catholic in Newark NJ.

    He was the toughest “little” center you’ve ever seen.
    I followed many a block set up by Neil over our High School years.

    Neil was not only tough, but smart as a whip. He was the editor of our yearbooks and other newsletters and even got “us” summer jobs thorugh his uncle who was a congressman.

    We’d take off on our mini jaunts to Asbury Park and sing Irish songs (yeah, even though he was Italian) at a old Victorian Hotel by the name of the Polonaise right off of Sunset Lake.

    His father was a wonderful gentleman as well. Never missed one of our games over the 4 years.

    After graduation, he went to Iona and I up to Connecticut and we did lose track of each other.

    I’m looking for the opportunity to surprise him in Texas the next time I’m in Dallas.

    Glad he’s making an impact on young people 30 years later.

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