Myrtle Beach is the first true “tourist town” I’ve ever lived in (near, really). Now that we are outside of the summer — defined in practice by the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day — we are in the “offseason.” Truth be told, I prefer living here more in the offseason. At the edges is the best when it is still plenty warm enough to go to the beach but only a fraction as crowded. I even like it in February when we have to bundle up some and can’t really use the beach for more than a chilly surfside walk.

When the town is empty except for the residents, it has that realistic charm that it lacks in full party mode. It’s like seeing your favorite dimly-lit pub at 10 AM in the full shine of daylight and empty of patrons, with memories of revelry in your mind but the actuality of the real place with all its flaws right in front of you. If you like it then, you like it all the way and that’s how I feel about this town.

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