Podpress Second Try

I decided that I hadn’t given PodPress a fair shake, because I realized to my chagrin that I was still on WordPress 1.5.X here. So, I upgraded wordpress and reactivated. I posted a show last night, and although I do get the neat little flash player, trying to get it to do the torrents in my RSS have been between challenging and impossible. I had to go in and rewrite some of the code to even make torrents show up, and now the blog is behaving in really weird ways such as showing my different XML in Firefox versus downloaded by my management scripts. Even though it worked better this go around when I was on a proper version of WordPress, it still seems insufficient for someone who wants to use torrents primarily.

Update: I disabled the plugin, and then my RSS was correct again. This says to me that if I like the little flash player, I should just use one and leave PodPress out of it.

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  1. Tilted Edge says:

    Your blog background no longer matches the white in your logo.

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