PME, Amateurs, Love

It’s getting towards crunch time for the Portable Media Expo. My talk will be Friday September 29 at 10:30 AM in room 200ABC, titled “Amateur Means You Do It For Love”. I hope to have a little EGC and AmigoFish schwag to give away to those interested, so if you come by there will be a (slight) material benefit in it for you. It will be highly interactive, so if you’ve got something on your chest to get out this would be the session. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be podcasting anyway.

As I said in the last show, I’m collecting logos/screenshots of those podcasters who do this for love. The standard for this isn’t whether you have or would like to make money. If you could be given a guarantee tomorrow that you would never make a dime (any any more dimes) on your program, would you continue to do it? If the answer is yes, you are who I’m looking for. Send me your logo to If you don’t have a logo, just send me the URL to your show and I’ll take a screen shot. I’ll be playing all the logos on the screen behind me while I talk, so come join in the media barrage! Spread the word about this, if you would please. Tell your friends to send me logos and URLS, post in your knitting podcast message boards or whatever. Thanks.

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