I’m in a Holiday Inn, the same one that is currently housing many attendees of a regional Southern Baptist convention. Oddly enough, the amount of noise created by the Baptists is about equal to what you’d expect from spring breakers. They have no problem shouting to one another from opposite ends of the hall at midnight or carrying on conversations at the top of their lungs right outside your door. Rather than closing the door gently they let that automatic hydraulic arm slam it. Even at this moment, about every 30 seconds I hear “SLAM” somewhere on this floor. It sounds like the Fourth of July. Apparently, one of the things that happened at the convention is that they voted to suspend the golden rule.

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4 thoughts on “WWJB”

  1. Paul says:

    All in favor say I … all opposed? The I’s have it … any new business? Then this adjourns the church’s business meeting (!) … wow too many sunday nights growing up in the SBA (southern baptist association)… ugh

  2. mike dunn says:

    growing up catholic, my dad use to comment as we tried to get out of the parking lot after mass how often the pious church-goers would turn immediately into rude and aggressive drivers…

  3. Ken Nelson says:

    Having stayed in hotels with NASCAR fans and church groups (I’m not so sure this wasn’t on the same stay), I’ll take the NASCAR fans any day.

    Mike, your comment is precisely put, and has been uttered by those (me, at least) who are merely driving by a church parking lot as the service lets out.

    I wish religious teachings were more universally applied beyond the sanctuary; I struggle to apply them myself, so I can’t throw any stones.


  4. Chris C. says:

    That’s weird, that’s the second time I’ve heard The Golden Rule referenced in the past hour … I just finished watching (the excellent) Angels In America.

    And to prop up my nerd street cred, when I saw “WWJB” in the title, my first thought was that this post was going to be about time syncing.

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