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Podcast Expo EOF BBQ

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Last year, one of the great things about PME last year was the impromptu BBQ on Saturday night. Susan Kitchens my partner in crime will probably not be there this year. I’ve had a generous offer from the guys at Backbeat Media to pay for the food if we want to do it again. Considering that we pulled it together in about 2 hours last year scrounging up all the supplies and such on the spot if we actually planned it for, like, a day or three ahead it should really be something.

Is someone going to be there with a car who is willing to drive with me a few miles to Rancho Cucamonga early Saturday evening? If you’d like to attend and eat some food Saturday night, please leave an RSVP as a comment. If you’re willing to drive for the food or otherwise help with setting it up, mention that in the comment too.

Update: This post makes it sound like I’m still considering whether or not to do this. There will be an event at the Marriott poolside at 7 PM on Saturday. Exactly how big and involved depends on the feedback, but one way or another we’ll make this happen. If you want to volunteer to bring beverages in non-glass container, that would also be highly appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “Not So Impromptu BBQ”

  1. markx says:

    Had a great time at the BBQ last year, and wouldn’t miss it this year.

  2. I’m happy to help set up poolside.

  3. I’m not renting a car, but I’d be happy to help setup, cook or whatever else needed to be done.

  4. I’ll have my mini-van there, so I can take you to get the foodstuffs. Look me up at PME. I’ll be the guy beating up Santarcangelo for being a smart-a$$.


  5. David Jacobs says:

    I missed it last year but would love to go this year. I also will have car and will drive. Email me and I will give you my cell.

  6. Sad to miss it this year. Lotsa fun last year. But, well, Saturday night’s the night of my 25th college reunion. So I’m not skipping out on the Woody’s Impromptu BBQ thang lightly, you know.

    Sorry I won’t be seeing yall this year. 🙁

  7. Hey Professor,

    Count me in! In JAX, FL, where I grew up, there are Woody’s like every 2 miles. Great BBQ. Let me know if I can help in any way.


  8. C.C. Chapman says:

    I’d love to attend.

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