Crazy Times

It’s been a nonstop whirlwind since I got up yesterday, and I hadn’t even opened the laptop in the almost 24 hours since the talk. I did a panel with Ray Slakinski at the Podango booth, I met up with Susan Kitchens and we hung out for a while. I had long political talks about voter turnout and the politics of Northern Ireland at various points inside of party situations, kind of bringing the vibe down but what the hey. I can barely keep up with the many people I’ve met for the first time, renewed my acquaintance with or just said hi to and conversed with when neither of us knew who the other was. Today I’m shlepping the Marantz around and doing pickup interviews. That should be fun.

I should note that the gift shop/sundries shop in the Ontario Marriot has the most reasonably priced toiletries of any such store I’ve ever seen. I forgot my saline solution in my travel bag, and it was cheaper there than if you buy it at the Piggly Wiggly, rather than being the traditional $17 of the “where else are you going to go?” hotel store model. Thanks!

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