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There is a page up with a list of all the blogs of ConvergeSouth attendees. That’s neat, but me being me, I wanted to be able to use that whole list. I looked around for various ways to splice multiple RSS feeds into a single meta-one. I tried a dozen of these damn services, and all of them sucked or failed in one way or another. The first one that actually did the trick was Blogdigger. It’s not great, every change I make seems to have a long lag time to be effective but it is working after a fashion.

Behold, the ConvergeSouth 2006 meta blog! If you want to subscribe via RSS, you can do that with this meta RSS feed.

Update: Greg from Blogdigger points out in comments that their crawlers are currently running behind. I expect that it will catch up sometime this weekend. Thanks for the info, Greg.

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8 thoughts on “ConvergeSouth Blogs”

  1. darkmoon says:

    Didn’t know you wanted an rss feed. haha.. We could have inserted some of the rss code in there.

  2. Glad Blogdigger is working (sort of); our crawlers are a tad backed up right now, so things are a bit behind at times. The best thing is to ping Blogdigger directly when updated (; that will speed things up considerably. If there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know.

  3. Ken Nelson says:

    Very cool, in all its full-text goodness.



  4. mike dunn says:

    the meta approach to a conference is great – and as a personal reference, i’ve met greg at nyc events – he’s a solid guy, not surprising at all that he chimed in 🙂

  5. Daniel Rubin says:

    I’m going as a presenter, but my blog didn’t make the list for aggregating. Any way to join the party???


  6. dave says:

    Dan, I added you in. You weren’t on the blogs page, so people not on there didn’t get added in.

    Mike, small world, isn’t it.

    Greg, thanks for the heads up. Seems like it is still slow. It takes at least 24 hours for my posts to show up on the group if it happens at all. That’s OK for the purposes here, as the main thing to take from it is a general zeitgeist. Only Ed Cone is updating with any regularity.

    Ben, given a full year perhaps I can work something up for next year. My first inclination was to try to hack something up, but then I decided to try to find something off the shelf given the closeness of the conference.

  7. Daniel Rubin says:

    Yup, I’m on some lists. Not on others. Your feed really helps. Thanks.

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