Geek Business Myths

Here is a cool article about the top 10 geek business myths. Here is my favorite one:

Myth #3: Someone will steal your idea if you don’t protect it.

Reality: No one gives a damn about your idea until you actually succeed and by then it’s too late. Even on the off chance that you do manage to stumble across someone who is as excited about your idea as you are, if they have any brains they will join you rather than try to beat you. (And if they don’t have any brains then it doesn’t matter what they do.)

This also applies to newbie science fiction writers, who are concerned about someone lifting their brilliant high concept ideas. Great, you’ve got a cool idea. That plus a year spent writing 100,000 words equals a novel. People that think the idea is a thing worth protecting don’t seem to understand that 99.44% of the value is in the execution. There are very few ideas so compelling and world changing that just knowing it changes the game. In fact, sometimes you see people with a great idea rolling out an execution so crappy that it kills the idea and someone later has to rehabilitate the value of the original premise.

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