Postseason in a New World

The first postseason in 15 years without the Braves in it is a mixed blessing for me. For once I don’t have to watch them play a lackluster divisional series and get knocked out in the first round. In fact, maybe this interruption in their streak will knock the sense of entitlement out of them and restore that fire we all felt watching Sid Bream run his bad knees from second to home. I’ve been an apologist for the team for a long time, defending their lone championship and their value as a championship caliber team. Every year that they laid down without even a decent fight, though, that got harder and harder. In the long run, I can’t say that I mind having a year off from that.

However, if the Braves can’t be in it, I’ll take my joy from the Yankees going down to the Tigers 3-1. If only the Dodgers could have mounted a credible opposition to the Mets, then we’d really have something. It’s now up to the Cardinals (in all likelihood) to kick the Mets to the curb. If they don’t, then they really have a problem. I’m just happy to have the “Subway series” taken off of the table. The last time we had one, it was the least interesting World Series in modern times. With the teams we have left, I’d be happiest with a Tigers/Cardinals matchup.

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3 thoughts on “Postseason in a New World”

  1. Eddie Dickey says:

    I’ll go for the Cards/Tigers as well – now that the Dodgers are out of it..

  2. Derek says:

    As long as the Tigers are in there somewhere, I’ll be happy.

  3. Dorothy says:

    Geeez, so much for the SoCalif teams. ::grumble::

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