Blogging the (Personality) Crisis

A few years ago my buddy Jon Kincaid had a heart attack. One of the advantages of having a hosted box is that you can set up web pages in literally minutes and in fact we did. I registered the domain name, Thomas Peake did the HTML for a webpage with information about the situation and we set up a PayPal account for donations. Over the course of a few months, we actually raised several thousand dollars, which is good and all but a drop in the bucket when it comes to paying for a quintuple bypass for an uninsured man. After the emergency, basically nothing else happened with the website for years, until a few weeks ago.

I got tired of the shrine to the heart attack, so I set up a WordPress blog for Jon and gave him the password and let it rip. I wasn’t sure if he’d find it usable and/or have the desire to post to it but he has and in really interesting ways.

His most recent post is a necrology of all the dead record stores that he encounters on his commute to work. In the first two sentences he ties together his heart attack with the bankruptcy of Tower Records. Wow. As an ever older guy, one of the things I like to do is drive around and look at buildings and talk about what they used to be. Since I have moved so often, I lose that ability every time I start over in a new place. I’m delighted to have Jon do that for me. I’ve shopped at a number of the stores he cites. The original Tower Records at Around Lennox is where I bought my beloved copy of Coltrane’s Love Supreme and all the volumes of Zappas You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore so I have some affection for the damn place myself. Thank you Jon, for your many years of service rocking the masses and entertaining Atlanta and now the world. I’m glad to see you gracing us with your essays and blog posts with whatever frequency you can. Welcome to the blogosphere, hoss.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging the (Personality) Crisis”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Thanks Dave for setting up the blog for Jon.

    Is the URL at the bottom for the RSS feed valid? It says:


    My RSS reader didn’t like it until I removed the leading “feed:”.

  2. dave says:

    That’s default wordpress template bullshit. I can’t stand when people use those broken urls with a broken psuedo-protocol in front. The idea is that you’d set your newswreader to handle “feed:” which is at best a hokey hack. In practice, it leaves unsophisticated users things that’s the real URL. In fact, on AmigoFish I had to start stripping “feed://” from submitted URLs if they started with them. Eventually that will go away when i change templates for him.

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