No Converge South After All

I had some personal stuff come up and couldn’t go to Converge South after all. I’m reading the blogs and watching the flickr feed on the keyword as the best substitute I have available. See y’all in 2007.

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4 thoughts on “No Converge South After All”

  1. Ed Cone says:

    We missed you.

  2. dave says:

    I missed y’all too.

  3. Andrew Lunde says:


    I was at CS and asked Ed C. if you were going to make it. Alas, he said you had some trouble getting to G’boro and wouldn’t be making it. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed meeting you in ’05 and was looking forward to seeing you again. Let me know if you’re going to any events in the East coming up. I’m trying to get my blog back on track (or really get myself writing more) and needed the shot in the arm of enthusiasm that CS gives. Really enjoyed your “Future of Music” voices piece a while back. I had listen to the book and enjoyed hearing the author’s first person viewpoints. Anyway, I need to find a pic of myself on flickr so that I can let people remember my face.


    Andrew at Lunde dot com

  4. dave says:

    Andrew, sorry about that. Oddly enough, the day before you posted this I had found your card. I was cleaning up and trying to organize the biz cards in piles all around my office and the house at large and found yours. You are one of the many people I wanted to renew acquaintances with. I’ll be there next year. I’m blocking it out now.

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