RIP, Freddy Fender

Sadly, Baldemar “Freddy Fender” Huerta died today at the age of 69. I saw him play several times, and every time was enjoyable. After my father died, my brother and I made a pilgrimage to Biloxi MS for a weekend to gamble in his honor and spread his ashes on the beach. While there, I saw Freddy play at a casino I’m quite certain was destroyed by Katrina. It was a great show, and I must have been the youngest person there by a good 15 years. He lived a hard life but when he hit the stage he played hard and was a great entertainer. He will be missed.

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  1. If you miss Freddy as much as I do, you may be surprised at the gentleman singing his songs. I defy you to tell the difference. He looks and sounds like a younger Freddy. He possesses no ego and is just a regular, normal guy. It’s the next best thing. He goes by the name of Johnny Pal and can be found on youtube at:
    (Before the Next Teardrop Falls)
    (Wasted Days and Wasted Nights)
    Enjoy!!! Susan

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