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I read this thing about the Mommycast leaving Podshow on Mike Geoghegan’s blog. That doesn’t really matter much to me per se, because the Mommycast aren’t my thing. A lot of people like them, about 90 seconds of one episode was all I could take. My personal experience was that it was aggressively unlistenable, but then I’m pretty far outside their target demographic. More interesting to me is how Eric Rice teed off on the subject. Wowza, that’s harsh!

I’m always of two minds on this subject. On the one hand, a lot of my friends are involved with Podshow and several make their full living off of it. I don’t wish ill to any of my friends, particularly the ones who have put their whole economic well-being in this basket. On the other hand, Podshow the corporate entity has squicked me out from the beginning. Even though I was talked in to riding the limo to mooch off their free stuff at PME, it was a weird feeling. I might feel differently if they hadn’t used a black kid dressed up as a pimp for the host of the limo rides. If they had only used mammy and steppenfetchit characters for the hosts inside the suite, they could have had a matched set of demeaning black stereotypes. That kind of stuff always seems associated with their corporate events, something borderline (or past the borderline) disturbing and sleazy.

The way the company always has to set itself apart from the community at large, hold events offsite at PME and generally hold up a middle finger to everyone else is the kind of thing that starts the schadenfreude engines running. I like a lot of Podshow people, but Podshow the company is between hard and impossible to like. In the long run you get what you give in this life, and the company doesn’t act like it gives much of a damn about anyone outside their circle. Consequently, there’s not much reason to give much of a damn about them. Symmetry is a bitch sometimes. Watch out when that karma is gone.

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6 thoughts on “Eric Rice on Podshow”

  1. concur dave – i find i hate the game and not the player(s) when it comes to podshow, still consider a number of the folks w/ them as friends…

    mostly i just don’t see the value in the repulsive bloom character – adam showed us all just how spinless he was when he subjected himself to his former alpha-dog partner instead of standing on his own two feet – seemed to me that he really created the us & them relationship w/ podville once he jumped on adam’s coat-tails – elitism really sucks…

    best way to validate that this bloom guy is the problem is to listen to him – eric schwartzman put up an interview w/ bloom about a week ago…

    his condescending attitude is clearly evident throughout the interview…

  2. Holy crap! A “pimp” caricature to drive the limo? I hadn’t heard that one. I think if I were a PodShow podcaster, I’d probably be writing Adam and Ron a very long manifesto about how f*cking stupid and racist that crap is. That’s so beyond the freaking pale in so many ways I’ve lost count! What are they, a media corporation or a frat party?
    For shame, PodShow!


  3. I stopped listening to Curry about 3 months ago. All the preoccupation with the sexuality of Podshow women and the agreement with the drugs got to me eventually. This concern was confirmed by the imagery of “pimp” and, by extension, “sex”, associated with the pimp Hummer. I’m not a prude but there’s only so much one can take.

  4. Japester, wow, really? You lasted a year and a half longer than I did. I gave up spring of 2005. Even though the early days of the DSC were what inspired me to start podcasting, I was tired of it long long ago.

  5. Y’all made it far longer with DSC than I did. I can only tolerate on air coffee-slurping for so long.

    Even DJs in remote America Country stations have a better on-air presence than that.


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