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OK, so a few few people like Mike Seyfang and Neil Gorman have picked up on my previous post about the tag to create a yearbook directory for events out of Flickr. That’s all cool, but I’ve noticed two issues with my own idea.

1. Flickr tagging doesn’t work the way I thought it did. I thought — this being frigging Web 2.0 and all — that anyone could tag any photo. In fact, to tag it needs to either be your own photo or you need to be a friend of the photo owner and they have to allow for friends to tag photos. I don’t know if this is a stopper or not. It seems reasonable that almost everyone has a photo of themselves that they could use, although I have no photos of myself from PME 2006.

2. I’m fond of noting URLs that have alternate interpretations, like how can also be parsed as In the same way, YouMetMeAt can also be parsed as YouMetMeat and Flickr lowercases all the tags, so it comes out as “youmetmeat____” . This is a little funny, but perhaps a bit offputting. Perhaps we should change it to “YouMetMe@”. I dunno, I’m looking for input on this.

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5 thoughts on “YouMetMeAt Tag”

  1. Hmmm – the Flickr tagging is a bummer but not a show-stopper (all part of the general web2 not quite perfect-ness).

    The biggest problem I see with this approach is human nature – trying to get anyone else to do something specific like this is always dicey.

    The ‘meat’ thing is a tad funky, lets see what kinda feedback we get from this prestigious international event in Sydney.

    p.s. My kids at think it is pretty funny!

  2. I dunno. For those who delineate between the virtual and corporeal by using terms like meat-space, “you met meat” is perfect. In fact, for some events, it’s even better.

  3. Darusha, that’s true enough. Being the aging cyberpunk that I am, the first thing I thought when I noticed the alternate parsing was of Gibsonian “meat puppets.”

    Mike, I agree. The fact that everyone needs to do that same thing with the same tag is the pinch point of this whole endeavor. If only the cats could all be herded the same way …

  4. When I went to the Podcasters Across Boarders conferance one of the first things that was said when things got kicked off was that people should tag the pictures of the event that they upload to flickr with “PAB2006”.

    I’m sure that if people had not said that at the start of the conferance there would be all sorts of different tags out their for the same event.

    I’m thinking that if when an event gets going one of the main speakers (a keynote speaker) could say something like “can everyone take a picture of your self, and otehrs who don’t have a digital camera with them, then upload those pictures to flickr and tag them with [insert tag here]?”

    If enough conferances start to do this it might just sort of become common-place.


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