Congratulations, St. Louis

Way to go. That was a great game. If it hadn’t been for that miraculous catch by Chavez, this game would have been closer to the cakewalk I wanted.

I found out from my buddy Richard in IM that I’m 3 degrees from Adam Wainwright, the Cards’ closer and the man on the mound when they won. Richard is friends with Wainwright’s brother. I didn’t even have to use all 6 to get there!

I’m looking forward to this World Series. Give the 8 teams in the post-season, these are the two I wanted in it so I have no complaints. I don’t know that I have an actual favorite this year. I almost always root for the NL team (unless it is the Mets) but I’m partial to the Tigers. I love Cinderella stories, and I love worst-to-first stories (such as, say the 1991 World Series.)

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations, St. Louis”

  1. Eddie Dickey says:

    I think I’ll pull for the Cards – Adam Wainwright graduated from my High School – Glynn Academy in Brunswick GA (a mere 24 years after graduated)…

  2. dave says:

    According to Richard, Adam would have played for Georgia Tech if he hadn’t been drafted by the Braves out of high school.

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