Exhausting night

Lots of comments tonight. I didn’t expect all this furor about Ze Frank. I might have thought twice about posting if I had thought it would bring fundamentalists out of the woodwork to give me crap. I have me a World Series game to watch! As it happens at least things are calming down now to a manageable level right as the Cardinals are scoring some runs to pull closer in this game. Go Cards!

This is a pivotal game. If they take this one, they can have the possibility of closing it out without going back to Detroit, which is huge. One game at a time, but still.

I also ended up spontaneously going to a talk and book signing at my local library. I didn’t even know it was happening until I picked up a book and hold and saw the sign. I bought the book below from the author –Dale Hudson — who lives in my town. He has a writing partner who is a guy we run into on our walks and say hi to but didn’t know that he wrote.

So all in all, this night has turned out quite a bit differently than I would have expected. Thank god tomorrow is Friday. This is wearing me out!

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