You Hate to See This

I’m pulling for the Cardinals in the World Series, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy watching the Tigers throwing balls away, wild pitching, getting caught in rundowns needlessly and so forth. This is just plain a groups that isn’t playing like a championship team. I hope they didn’t let all the pre-Series hype go to their heads. Despite what the sports writers say, you have to actually show up and win the games.

All that said, go Cards!

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One thought on “You Hate to See This”

  1. Derek says:

    Even though they lost, a lot of people didn’t think the Tigers would get to the playoffs, much less the Series itself. I am very proud of the team and although a lot of bandwagoners will complain, I think they had a phenomenal year and they can hold their heads up high.

    I guess Detroit will have to be content with having an elite team in basketball (men and women’s), hockey and now baseball.

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