You Might Be Delirious If…

You are looking at an SSL certificate in PEM format at your day job, and you suddenly decide that the public key and algorithm portion kind of look like ASCII art of the profile of a cartoon moose.

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4 thoughts on “You Might Be Delirious If…”

  1. Chris, when looking at that image of Pi, I thought I saw an afterimage of the 1900s wood carving of a bar party from the beginning credits of the TV show “Cheers”.

  2. My bad, it wasn’t the image of Pi you linked where I saw the afterimage of that portion of the beginning credits of “Cheers”. It was in the gradient image of Pi that one of the Flickr comments linked to.

    When I look at the image of Pi you linked to and cross my eyes a certain way, I see a bas relief of Snoopy, sorta.

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