Would You Let Your Children Take Candy From This Man?

We had very close to the optimal amount of candy. The first year we were here, we had a ridiculous amount of candy left over and were eating Skittles until the following June. Last year we had to turn out the lights because we ran out of candy around 7:45. This year, we had enough left over that we could have handled 10 more kids without having to give them a lesser haul with only filler.

Once again, I handed out candy duded up in the one costume I have readily to hand. Since I received the Santo t-shirt for my birthday this year, I could sell the whole luchadore thing without wearing the mask. The fear is that if I open the door in the mask, little kids will turn around and run. We had about 40 kids or so come by, none frightened by us and several of them unbearably adorable. I call this a pretty good night.

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3 thoughts on “Would You Let Your Children Take Candy From This Man?”

  1. You look much less strange than some of the people I let my kids take candy from last night. Of course, I was usually within arm’s reach when my kids were up on the porch. And when I wasn’t, my wife was. The funniest costumes I saw last night were a bottle of ketchup, a bottle of mustard and a little dachshund dressed up as a hotdog. Pictures to follow tonight.


  2. This year was insane in our intown Atlanta neighborhood. I think the baby strollers contigent has completed their takeover. We need to find a new neighborhood that still has a crack house or something in it.

    Mmmm, excess candy …

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