Instant Messenger Statute of Limitations

How long do you keep someone in your IM list when you haven’t messaged them? I have some folks in there that are going on several years. It seems kind of callous to delete them from the buddy list, but on the other hand at some point it seems unlikely that a conversation is going to start up anytime. I started to do a little cleanup on the lists and then got sentimental and decided not to do it. Am I nuts?

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9 thoughts on “Instant Messenger Statute of Limitations”

  1. If you are feeling sentimental while removing a person, you can always try to reconnect by shooting them an IM. If they don’t respond, you might not feel so bad about removing them 🙂

  2. Dave, I’m with jp on this one. I did the same yesterday. I deleted the contacts that I haven’t seen online in the last year. The others I sent an IM and I’m waiting for a response. LOL! Sounds harsh, but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles…I’d expect the same from them.

  3. me… I’ve got people on my list that I haven’t heard from in about 5 years, and after moving to an open-source MSN client a month or two ago I discovered that some of them have actually deleted me from their list 🙂

  4. I’m all for keeping ’em in. I still have a name in my buddy list of a friend who died what… 6 years ago? It was 2000. Yikes. I can’t bear to remove the name, even tho it’s an ancient AOL moderator name that begins afc… (aol forum consultant?)

    Er, but YOU are not in my buddy list. I’m not often in AIM, but I am– and have been — auntialias for nearly a decade. 🙂

  5. That’s all very interesting. I was thinking specifically of the people who are frequently on but with whom I haven’t chatted in years. Because I never run showing offline buddies, I don’t even remember who a lot of those are until I turn it on momentarily. I guess it makes sense to reach out at least once before deleting them for good. This will have to be a long term project, though. I can’t handle the friendslide of hearing from them all at once.

  6. I’m sure some people wouldn’t remove names from their lists the way some people can’t delete their emails. I don’t understand that at all. Why would anyone keep every email they’ve ever recieved? I never keep mine for long. I’m also all about deleting names from my address book after a while. Doesn’t bother me. Maybe I’m just heartless!

  7. LOL…I was dealing with this just a few weeks back. I ended up creating a group for “Old Friends” (or some such), and putting them there. I couldn’t delete them either.

    The funniest part was when I realized I didn’t know who a couple of them were! I had to send “um…who are you” messages…THAT always makes a person feel wanted. *grin*

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