Thoughts Which Must Not Be Spoken Aloud

So now that the Ze Frank furor seems to be about over, it strikes me that there is one commonality in most of the comments I received from the true fen. Fans of Ze Frank seem to not believe it possible that I can find the show disposable. Sorry kids, it’s true. It’s funny, but not nearly as funny as Tiki Bar TV. It pushes the vlog form, but not nearly as hard as Dave Huth’s 90 Seconds of Dave vlog. It’s engaging, but I’m not nearly as engaged with Ze as I am with Juan and Ximena from Viviendo con Fallas. I think it’s good, but I don’t find it great. It’s more trouble than it’s worth to deal with and thus it got dropped. After I did, I didn’t miss it for one second and if not for the recent dustup I probably wouldn’t have ever talked or thought about it again.

It’s Scoble’s favorite vlog. Most of the people who have rated it on AmigoFish have rated it five stars. I understand that most people that experience it love it. I got lots of “Why would you drop something so wonderful just because it was a pain in the ass to you?” type incredulous comments. Different strokes and all, you know. Just because you are entranced with it doesn’t mean everyone is, you little solipsist you. Get used to the post-scarcity media world, where your fanaticism and love of one given thing may not be very portable to the population at large (even the population of other vlog watchers.) If you can’t handle the fact that other people don’t love all the same things that you do, there is a long and bumpy sled ride ahead of you, down a rough steep landscape filled with media of all kinds. I’ll wave at you on the way down.

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