Gut Clenched

I’ve been quiet on the political front. Here in South Carolina, it has actually been a fairly quiet election season. Because so few statewide races are contested by Democrats, most races were actually decided in the Republican primary. I read other bloggers talking about their phones ringing with political messages. We received zero phone calls and one in-person visit (that we weren’t home for), and only a couple of mailings. We were in North Carolina over the weekend, and they easily had several times the number of political TV ads running.

I’m not really following the results nationwide. There’s nothing I can do to change it, and treating it like a horse race only upsets my stomach. I’m cautiously optimistic about a shift in the balance of power. Assuming that the Democrats pick up one or both houses of Congress, here’s hoping they can be effective rather than the bunch of sad sacks they’ve been for the last 12 years. I’m not taking anything as a given until the finally tallies are in. There are still a lot of crooked voting machines to be counted.

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