Send Me Your Podcast Schwag

In two weeks I’ll be in Portland Oregon for Orycon with Cory Doctorow, Ellen Datlow and others. Some people have rightly noted the flaw in taking lots of schwag to PME in Ontario, California when mostly you are promoting to other podcasters. That’s true enough, so if you have leftover schwag and want to get it in the hands of some fans of SF and fantasy, I’m volunteering to accept it and keep it stocked on the Orycon freebie giveaway table. Just email me and I’ll give you the address to mail it to. It needs to reach Portland Oregon by Thursday November 16th, so don’t dawdle on this. Feel free to spread the word on forums and mailing lists and such. I’m not shipping anything back, so don’t send any more than you’d reasonably expect to give out during a three day convention. If it weighs several pounds, it might be too much.

Other than that, lets recoup some of the cost of having this damn stuff printed up and get it in the hands of some people that might actually listen to your show!

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