SC Legislators on Defeat

Here’s a rundown of comments by some Republican South Carolina Congressmen and Senators (which is most of them) about the takeover of Congress by the Democrats. All in all, there is remarkably little weaseling here. It’s nice to see conservatives, the people who have been on about “personal responsibility” my entire lifetime, actually taking some. Lindsey Graham does a little weaseling, but I agree with his overall statement:

We lost, the Democrats didn’t win,” Graham said Wednesday from his hometown of Seneca. “Instead of reforming government and trying to control government, we have expanded spending beyond belief for Republicans. We abandoned our policies and our principles.”

Yes, Lindsey, true. Now, what are you going to do about it?

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One thought on “SC Legislators on Defeat”

  1. Tilted Edge says:

    The democrats are saying they are going to raise the minimum wage, restore PEL grants to the previous levels, leave Iraq and Howard Dean says he wants to establish health insurance for everyone under 25 (as a start). I hope they accomplish this but I am very skeptical. Let’s see what they do. They couldn’t be worse than the republicans but I’m looking for action not just words.

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