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I believe this is the most panels I’ve ever been on at a convention, six in total over the three days. I’m kind of pleased by that – if I’m flying across the country I want to be worked hard. I’m up to it. Here’s my wrapup of some good panel experiences from the last time I attended Orycon.

I’ll have the Marantz with me, and I’m planning on interviewing my ass off the whole way through. I went down the list and there are at least a dozen people that I’d be comfortable doing an impromptu interview with (many of whom I know or have previously interviewed). I’m even going to go so far as to look up all their web pages and get a little familiar with their recent work. I also plan on interviewing a lot of random fans, filkers, gamers and what have you. If you see me walking around with a microphone and want to go on record, come talk to me!

Here is my schedule. Because the email I got lost the bold formatting, I’m not sure which ones I’m moderating but I do believe at a minimum I’m moderating the writerly blogging one. I’ll have my grab bags of EGC and/or AmigoFish schwag with me at all times, so feel free to approach me with your hand out anywhere and I’ll schwag you up, boyeee (or girleee!) Note that pretty much every panel I’m on is computer related. Also I hope Cory Doctorow and I get on, because half of my panels he is a co-panelist.

Fri Nov 17 3 PM Computing Science Fiction
Room: Salon B
How computers have been portrayed in science fiction and the way
that this shows the power and limitations of science fiction as a
forecasting medium.
L. Pierce Ludke; Frank Hayes; Dave Slusher; David W. Goldman

Sat Nov 18 10 AM RSS Feeds and the New News
Room: Salon B
Where do you get your news? In this digital age you can have your
news fed right to your homepage. Maybe you want to produce your own news and
feed it to other interested parties. Our panelists will explain all the
Cory Doctorow; Dave Slusher; David D. Levine; Joe Julian

Sat Nov 18 5 PM Computer Viruses Then and Now
Room: Medford
What has changed from the day of Melissa, Chernobyl and Michelangelo
to the present and how do you keep your computers virus free.
Michael Pearce; Ben Yalow; Frank Hayes; Michael Ehart; Dave Slusher

Sat Nov 18 6 PM The Myth of the Intelligent Machine
Room: Eugene
Our sci-fi writers and scientists team up to discuss the real and
imagined future of robots and androids and the limits of machine
intelligence with regard to concepts of free will, consciousness, etc.
David W. Goldman; Rick Lindsley; Dave Slusher; Michael A. Martin

Sun Nov 19 12 PM The Great Writers Blog
Room: Salon A
Blogging — everyone’s doing it! And blogs are a great way for
writers to chronicle their creative process and track their progress,
interact with fans and other writers, and get free publicity. So, what are
the keys to a great writer’s blog? Come to this panel and listen to some
veteran “bloggers” talk about what they’ve learned.
Cory Doctorow; Dave Slusher; Jay Lake; Mary Robinette Kowal

Sun Nov 19 2 PM Social Interaction on the Internet
Room: Portland
Everybody seems to be doing it; blogging, My Space, instant
messaging – is this the best way to keep track of family, friends and the
daily going on’s in your community in our digital age?
Cory Doctorow; Dave Slusher; Rick Lindsley; William B McDermott

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2 thoughts on “My Orycon Schedule”

  1. mike dunn says:

    now that is a packed schedule – good luck, can’t wait to hear the interviews from this one…

    my guess is you and cory will get on fine, the voices interview you did w/ him awhile back is one of the best podcast interviews “period”…

  2. dave says:

    Mike, thanks for the kind words on the inerview. Honestly, it isn’t that loaded down. It’s certainly not as loaded down as this lady who has nine panels plus a reading. The only issue in my schedule is the two back to back on Saturday right at dinner time. I believe I’ll be heading for food immediately after the last one.

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