Homemade Mic Flag

Mike Geoghegan recommends the mic flags from Impact PBS. This dude made his own. I decided to take his recipe and see what I could do.

His recipe calls for buying a block of styrofoam and cutting it down to a 2″ cube, and then gluing a printout of your logo to it. I was at Michaels buying the styrofoam when I noticed the bin of 90% off Halloween stuff. I saw these blocks, which magically turned out to be 2″ cubed already, with these little decorations glued on. I decided it would be easier to scrape off the goblins than to cut the styrofoam, plus I was just going to color it black anyway. Bonus one – the foam is not completely solid but is firmer than the styrofoam and will almost certainly wear better. Bonus two – they are marked down to $0.10 apiece.

I liked how it turned out. It isn’t perfect but for less than $1 of materials and ten minutes of effort it’s not too damn bad. I have several orange and green cubes, and six more of the black so I can try a few more shots at this. If you have a Michaels store nearby, it might be worth seeing if you can find one of these for a dime.

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5 thoughts on “Homemade Mic Flag”

  1. Dorothy says:

    dave, again I admire your hands-on work!

  2. PJ Cabrera says:

    This is cool Uplifter-type stuff: finding other uses for cheap crap. 🙂 And great handiwork, Dave!

  3. Curtis says:

    Thanks for the advice so I could try and do my own flags (economics). I found the blocks at Michaels(they had different glue-ons, but the same.) I was wondering how to do the hole, then I saw your do-it-yourself breakdown and there it is, the 1 inch drill bit. Thanks, now I’m going to try to do it. Still have to figure out he labels, but I can do it! Thanks!!!

  4. Bill says:

    Thanks for the idea. I’ve improved on it a little and wrote up my process here: http://www.burnsfamily.net/blog/?p=188 .

    I’m very pleased with the results, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Barbara says:

    It’s hilarious, thanks for the tip. I’ll try to do it one day if I have the time and patience to play with it 😛
    In the mean time I’ve just bought my blank mic flag at http://www.micxflagstore.com cost next to nothing and looks great, I just stick my own logo and I am in business.

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