On the Road

I love MYR, Myrtle Beach International Airport. The bus driver follows you to your car in economy parking and picks you right up, and they have free wifi at the gates. I’m just answering my email and checking up on fellow Orycon guests’ web pages while I wait for boarding. The rinky dink little tasks that you could do when you travel seem to always expand to fill the available time plus 17 minutes. It’s stormy today, but I think we getting out on time or nearly so nonetheless. Assuming the flight to Portland is on time, the longer we delay there is the less time I have to spend in Dulles.

Update: one minute after I posted that, they told us storms in Dulles are limiting landings that can be made. This is starting to get interesting, but what I was after was really boring. He’s hoping it gets dull again.

Update 2: 30 minutes after our plane was supposed to leave what appears to be our plane is now here at the gate. I hope they turn this thing around fast, my connection time latency in DC is rapidly shrinking from comfortable to uncomfortable and coming up fast on physically impossible. Yikes!

Update 3: That wasn’t my plane after all. My plane is still in DC. Making the connection in DC is way off the table, so it will be one of plans B through Z at this point.

Update 4: Missed the PDX connection from Dulles, am now in Chicago’s O’Hare airport. This has been quite a day.

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