Holidays and Elections

Written while bored on an airplane.

I deal with holiday fatigue and political fatigue in exactly the same way. I ignore all XMas stuff until after Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter how early before Halloween you hang the decorations and start playing “Jingle Bell Rock”, I’m not paying attention and will block it out with measures up to and including putting my fingers in my ears and humming “La la la la.” I’m the opposite of a harried suburban character in a Connie Willis XMas story. I’m not stressing over the details, and I would never dream of asking anyone else to stress over me. Don’t have time to get me a present? I’ll live. I’d rather have you unharried and unstressed than get my favorite cookies. Just relax, that’s the only thing.

In the same way, I refuse to listen to any of this electioneering horserace bullshit from the 24 hour news channels. I haven’t watched them myself in years, but spending 24 hours in airports they are unavoidable. A huge chunk of what I heard is about who is running for what in 2008. Folks, it’s one fucking week after the election! Give us all a goddamn break. I understand that your business is horserace driven and when you don’t have one readily available, you will manufacture one. That’s why I’ve gotten all my news from the 11 PM local news. I get all the national news that is important, and lots of news relevant to me in my town. CNN and Fox, et al, pretend they are serving up the highest form of journalism. In fact, all they serve is “information product” that bears the same relationship to information as Cheeze Whiz does to fresh brie. It’s manufactured, homogenized, highly processed and nearly completely unrecognizable as sustenance. For the sake of our republic, stop watching these channels unless and until they return to the practice of journalism.

We now return to you a special marathon of “Nancy Grace”, featuring lots of cases about dead pretty blonde white females.

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  1. I agree they don’t talk about the issues. One reason is because both parties agree on most things and neither has any plan to change the way things are.

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