Orycon Day 1

I’m here, all is well. I landed in PDX at 10:30 PDT and was absolutely amazed and delighted to find that my luggage had made it. I’d have been willing to bet the other way. (Speaking of betting, I defrayed $2 off the cost of O’Hare wifi by moneying in a poker tournament. Ahhh, wifi + time to kill.)

I made it to the hotel by about noon, checked right in, showered and by 12:30 was on my way to lunch at the bento place outside the Bally Fitness on 2nd Avenue. Brown rice and steamed veggies with a heaping helping of this wonderfully gooey Thai peanut sauce. I’ve been waiting four years for that lunch and by god I was going to have it today one way or another. Afterwards, I checked in at the con and got my packet. I was startled to see that my 3 PM panel today “Computing in Science Fiction” was to be moderated by … me. The email I got about programming lost the key formatting element that told me that. I took an hour and addressed my Hipster PDA notes on this panel, and thought about the structure and flow of the conversation much like I would for one of my interviews. It worked pretty well, the panel seemed to go alright and got plenty of audience participation. I taped it with the Marantz just with the built-in mike. It might sound good, it might sound like shit. I haven’t listened to it yet.

Lots of milling around after that. I saw a lot of people I hoped to although far from everyone yet. I ran into Mary Rosenblum, Eileen Gunn, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Rose Prescott who used to do the toy panels with me and J. Steven York (before we all got tired of toting boxes of toys to the convention) and others that I’m blanking on at the moment. Tomorrow, I’m going to hook up mikes and walk around interviewing people. I’ll interview everyone manning a table for conventions or organizations, I’ll talk to writers and fans and gamers and nerds and costumed people and whomever I can find. The days when I’m ashamed of participating in things like this are long over (if they ever existed.) These are my people, they are nerdy and so am I. We’re all engaged in our passions and having a great time at it. If you want to make fun because some are dressed as Klingons, you are invited to kiss their bumpy asses.

Dinner and drinks with friends, hitting room parties, and so forth in my immediate future. This might be an early night. I’m still on Eastern time and I haven’t really slept much in several days. We’ll see how it goes.

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