Orycon Night 1

Dinner and drinks at Rock Bottom Brewery with Jon Groff, followed by a short stint of party hopping and then in bed pretty early for a convention. I slept from about midnight to 8 AM PST, which is pretty long for me. I went to the Pirates of the Columbia party, in which they had set up a tiki bar in one room and were playing Tiki Bar TV in the other. Most of the people were wearing eypatches, tri-corner hats, bandanas, puffy shirts, etc. I love it!

Now I’m just gearing up for my 10 AM panel, “RSS and the New News”, which is today’s moderation stint and my first one with Cory. I just checked the recording of yesterday’s panel and it sounded remarkably good. Not only could I hear all the people on the panel pretty clearly, I got a lot of the audience as well. We’ll keep this experiment going.

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