Orycon Day 3

More panels, one I moderated and one on which I was along for the ride. Both were good, a little bit of profundity was talked at each. I said some smart things on both and also some dumb on both. In short, it was a lot like life. I’m in the wind down stage and checked out of the hotel and just ready to meet friends who will take me to dinner and then the airport.

I’m delighted I came, very edified and also exhausted and completely ready to hop on a plane and go home. There was an extremely high activity density, covering basically 8 AM to 2 AM on average with almost no slack time in between. I’m amazed at the number of people attending the con that I didn’t see once but that I’d have loved to. That’s my only regret. I also found that despite my program participant “status” here, I spent very little of my time in the pro path, mostly hanging with the fen. I don’t know what that means, if anything, but that’s how the game played out.

Soon there will be much slacktime and waiting time, and I’ll write up the thorough notes. If I can catch some wifi in Seatac, I’ll post some of it. Until then, I’m off the grid for a while. Keep the intarnets warm for me, compadres.

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  1. Mary, thanks and same to you. I’m sorry I had to run out at the last second there. I wish I could have come to the bar and hung out a while and talked with you and Eileen and Mary R and the other people I barely got to see all weekend. That cellphone call was my ride to the airport, so that was pretty much that. I do really hope to meet you again and that there is a few minutes available for quiet conversation. I’m subscribed to your blog now and will enjoy exploring your work.

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