Orycon Day and Night 2

Things are going pretty swimmingly. I got to see a lot of my friends from the PDX last night, and even bridged the gap from conventioneers to mundanes by taking my friends around to room parties last night. I got to see my former vice-president of publishing for whom I worked hanging out at the Pirates of the Columbia party. That made the whole trip worth the price of admission.

All the panels yesterday went well, one moderated by me and two not. I also did something like 15 or 20 spontaneous interviews, as well as one pre-planned long one with Cory Doctorow. More details on all this later. I’ve got to get myself organized and ready for the noon panel today, packed up before it because of checkout time. Depending on the wifi situation between here and my final destination, I might get more posted today or I might do a data dump when I get home. I’ll try to write up a trip report tonight on my red-eyes while details are fresh.

Thanks to everyone at Orycon that took the time to talk to me. If my schwag handout rate is at all productive, some of y’all should be hitting this blog. In a lot of ways, this is possibly my most pleasant con experience ever.

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