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Hey, free wifi in Charlotte Douglas airport! Did I know this and forget it, or never know it? This has been my connection airport of choice since I’ve been flying out of Myrtle Beach. I’d always rather connect through here than ATL Hartsfield or Washington Dulles. There are lots of good restaurants inside the security zone, the concourses all feed into the central hub with the food court and it’s all easily walkable with no trams required. Plus, there are rocking chairs all over the place for you to cool your heels in. It’s all quite civilized and southern and I like it. Add in the free wifi and you can get work done while you wait, so I’d encourage brand loyalty to this place if you fly itineraries where it’s this or another southern hub.

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  1. In my experiences, Dulles is the worst airport on the East Coast. Newark is in a close second with it’s completely seperated terminals. I don’t mind ATL so much. Kuala Lumpur was easily the best airport I’ve ever been to- security checkpoints at the gates instead of bottlenecking the entire damn terminal.

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