There and Back Again

So I did make it in (see other post for my minor blowup about it) and then made it in to work around the tail end of lunchtime. I was weary and I’ll admit I nodded off at least once, but in my delirium got something to work that I was wrestling with all the time last Wednesday and Thursday up until I left for the airport. It’s odd, the break and then being in a wiggy state let me see a problem that I couldn’t before.

All told, it’s probably not the worst deal in the world that the exhaustingness of last weekend is followed by a short workweek and then a long weekend. I loved pretty much every second of my trip from when I touched down until when I left, but man was it tiring. It wasn’t until I really started thinking about it that I realized it was four years since my last SF convention of any kind, and that was Orycon 2002. I didn’t go to the last few Dragon*Cons. Even though dear Lois Tilton begged me to come and I should have, I begged out of the one Chicago con they had (Windycon?) when I lived up there. I was just busy and tired that weekend and it was cold so I stayed home, but I regret that decision. As the Butthole Surfers said “It’s better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t done.”

I hope it isn’t four years before the next one. This is who I am and I really like this. I also find I have a tolerance for all levels of fandom I used to not have. There were times I was sniffy about dorks in chain mail or dressed as Klingons. When I was a teenager attending the Atlanta Fantasy Fairs, I was snotty that I was a fan of Will Eisner and Scott McCloud and Howard Chaykin and Los Bros Hernandez and boy, wasn’t I more urbane than these Star Wars fans. I don’t feel that anymore. I enjoy all these people and it doesn’t matter what their fandom makeup is. If all they care about is SCA and LARP, two things that don’t matter to me, it’s no hair off my ass. You love your thing, I’ll love mine and the good thing is that we’re all happy together.

Thanks to everyone that helped pull this Orycon together. Even though I saw far fewer friends than any previous one I attended, it was probably my favorite so far. I made lots of new ones, and that’s also good. Let’s all fly our freak flags together, and if I’m reading the zeitgeist right it will probably have a Jolly Roger on it.

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