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Hey, this is quite cool. Last weekend at PodcastCon UK I was cited by name during this panel. If I’m not misremembering completely, that was the guy I talked to right before his BBC program was going online with their own podcast. It’s cool that he has remembered that statement all this time about the power relationships of podcasters and broadcasters with their audience. Perhaps I was not talking nonsense all that time, or at the very least if I was I sold it well.

If I’m also not misfiring the neurons the guy who wrote that writeup for Corrante — Kevin Anderson — booked me on that show. He did it the first time I was on BBC Radio for sure, and I think he was involved the second time as well. That was at the height of the media frenzy when I was talking to lots of reporters so it does blend together.

I did see a note of Ewan Spence instigating some of the conversation. It sounds a lot like issues I’ve spoken with him about — using new media as a vector for ideas of global sustainability. Nice to see him serving as agent provocateur. How could you throw a UK podcast event without him and his kilt, for goodness sake? Ewan is one of those guys who I just enjoy being around. He just makes the good times happen in a way that I aspire to. Shortly after Podcast Expo, Ewan pointed me to an episode of his Edinburgh Fringe Festival series and I quite liked it.

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  1. Dave, your neurons aren’t misfiring. Chris, Rhod and I interviewed you quite early in the life of the programme last year. I described you as a cross between Linus Torvalds and Jon Peel, or some such. I just moved on from the BBC to become the Guardian’s blog editor.

    BTW, I loved the interview you did a while back with Ivan Stang. Let Bob cut you some slack.

  2. Kevin, I’m glad that I’m remembering it correctly and that Chris found some value in what I said. I think that description is entirely too hyperbolic but I’ll take it. Congratulations on the new gig, may you find your source of slack in it up until the day you enter the saucer of the pleasure goddesses.

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