Win a Daisy Open Source MP3 Player Kit

I was just looking at these players the other day, they seem like the perfect gift for the Uplifters/Makers in your life. Now PT at Make has announced a contest to win one, with the original announcement here. The thing to do is to write up a definition of the we-make-money-not-art blog. Hell, I’ll take a crack at it. I’d love to have one of those kits. I had just emailed the guy who does it and he told me that the SD/MMC has a 4G limit, and the filesystem is FAT32 only. Just so you know.

The only thing wrong with the whole contest is that they don’t state the deadline. I have to know these things, so I understand where it can sit on my GTD “things I can procrastinate on” list. Folks at WMMNA, when is the cutoff?

Update: They amended with the deadline, next Thursday Nov 30th. Don’t wait to late, Tate!

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