Holiday Fatigue

We actually sat out the big meal on Thursday, choosing to have a smaller version of it with stuffing and cranberry sauce and rolls with ham in them. It was kind of refreshing not having the big deal. Friday we went to Augusta to see family and had a good time with my brother’s family. On Saturday we went over to my mom’s for close to the traditional meal with turkey and potatoes and the whole deal. More playing with my niece and nephew. When Jonathan was cranky and needed a nap, I decided I needed one too so we had an uncle/nephew boy nap. I got a little drool on me, but that’s a small price to pay. Later in the evening we drove home.

Today I’ve had the hardest time getting things done. I did yard work, baked some bread and did a load of clothes so I’m making headway around the house. I sat down to do some electronic work but nothing much happened. I still really need to do another episode of the podcast but just didn’t feel it today. I have so much Orycon material that will really rock when I put it together. No real sense in forcing it though, even though I’d like to have knocked more stuff out. It is a holiday weekend, after all, and rechargeing the batteries should be sufficient.

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One thought on “Holiday Fatigue”

  1. There is absolutely nothing like baby drool. Nothing.

    Oh, and I forgot to apologize for having to play Chutes and Ladders. That is an absolutely horrible game. I’d rather take a kick to the boys.

    Dora’s Candy Land, now there is a game. I try to steer towards that one. I think I’m losing the series to Emily, though. She is probably up by at least 2 games.

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