The Ongoing Death of Radio

Over at Jon Kincaid’s Personality Crisis blog, Scott Long has a great comment about radio stations switching formats to pick up listeners. I agree with him, nowadays it is just a shuffle of deck chairs on the ship as it goes down. His point is that the loyal listeners will bail at the format change, and there is no new influx of listeners to move in. As he says,

96rock listeners were all waiting for an excuse to tell their wives they needed Sirius/XM and now they have it.

Amen, brother. Radio stations with a following would probably do best playing defense now and try to maintain their current listeners rather than looking for this mythical new format that will bring in the kids. The kids don’t give a damn about any station at all. When all new car stereos start to come with RCA input jacks, kids will jack in their iPods and never listen to the radio again.

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