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Alright, let’s get serious here. Several people expressed interest in doing “GTD buddy checkins” to ensure we are doing our reviews, check each other’s progress, etc. I set up a Campfire group for that and invited the interested parties to join. I’m keeping the membership low until we get a feel for how this will go. If you’d like to join in, drop me an email and I’ll put you on the list like a bouncer at a really exclusive club. Back behind the velvet rope, the rest of you rabble!
I’ve made up checklists for myself on what I want to be doing as part of my weekly review, which includes extra tasks such as syncing my cell phone to my iBook’s Address book and iCal. I decided I would bite the bullet and start using iCal ubiquitously but my laptop isn’t always with me. I’m biting the other bullet and also using Google calendar. For right now, I could set up some sort of synciness one way or the other (subscribe to Google in iCal or subscribe to iCal in Google) but what I really want is two-way sync so it doesn’t matter into which I enter events. This will be doable with a cool looking app called Spanning Sync but it isn’t in open beta yet. I subscribed to their blog to stay abreast of when it goes into public beta. I can’t wait, I hope it is soon. Until then, I think I have few enough things in my calendars that I can do a hand sync for a few weeks as part of the review process. Then, if I can figure out to print my iCal weeks onto 3X5 cards, I’ll really have something. Anyone have any suggestions? I didn’t find anything too promising in the 43 Folders google group, but I’ll stay on the lookout.

I remain committed to the Hipster PDA. Anyone have any further suggestions on turbo charging all this? I have a need for increased organization and efficiency for an interesting upcoming project that I’ll make public soon. Enough fooling around, this is now serious bidness.

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4 thoughts on “GTD Machinery”

  1. If old guys can play, sign me up. I’ve spent a lot of bucks on “magic bean” organizers during my lifetime.

    GTD is something that strikes me as more self-powered; spend as much or as little as you want. The methodology is what counts, and shared experiences are a great way to the methods right, irrespective of the tools used.

    If I’m invite-worthy, please use my real e-mail, not my blog-comment one.


  2. Crap re: Spanning Sync.

    I had just started developing the same thing Friday night. I am nowhere near their features and GUI.

    So I’ve decided I’m gonna continue development of my iCal – GCal glue, but in an open source fashion. Perhaps it will be a geekly alternative for their more user friendly app.

    Or maybe I can attract some kick-ass contributors and we kick some Spanning Sync ass and go public with a billion dollar IPO! w00t! 😀 j/k

    Anyhow, back to work. Ha ha!

  3. PJ, if you get your version up and running before they open the beta on SpanningSync (or even after), I’ll give yours a shot. I just want the damn functionality, so whatever gets me there fastest is cool with me.

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