Practicum in Cult Creation

It’s already started, but my spiritual leader Rev. Ivan Stang is teaching an online practical course in how create and run a cult. I love this bit from the course description:

This course is really Volume Two of The Subgenius Psychlopaedia of Slack: The Bobliographon, a new SubGenius book from Thunder’s Mouth Press which will be in stores by November. This material — basically a behind-the scenes history of The Church of the SubGenius and an investigation into the nature of belief — requires way too much multimedia to work as just a book. But it’s perfect for an 8-week online course.

At the end of the course, students will have designed and developed their own religious cult to the point of marketability.

I have no problem with plunking down $95 for such a thing but I really don’t have any extra time to devote to it. It sounds like fun, especially since you get access to exclusive Subgenius multimedia. Fun stuff.

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  1. lee lewis says:

    immediate release:
    Can this man change the world?
    Is a man born into a free world, not a slave still? To birth, to life, to existence? Indeed he is. Which one of you asked to be born, who among you requested consciousness? Not one. Is happiness not an illusion? Euphoria, not a lie? Can the sun rise one minute late? Can the moon wax, waning not? Are seasons not inevitable? Can a man control anything? Are his thoughts not given to him by his surroundings? Can he revelate anything untampered? Can’t you see? Can’t you see? You are bound. Bound by life. Does life have meaning, without awareness of death? Would light exist without knowledge of darkness? Do you not know filth from cleanliness, strength from weakness, sight from blindness? Just as their is water so shall their be drought. Where you will find food, you will find famish. You cannot create without destroying, for then you would never have created at all. Will anyone understand me? Can one of you comprehend me? Is it not obvious that order cannot exist without disorder? Can you not see that without war, peace is an impossibility? Not one of you can see what I see, not one among you is free. I can free you, I can open you, and I will close you. Look at what, you’ve done. Look at what you have produced. Have you not failed at every attempt? Of course you have. Meager minds, unable to think, blind by repite. Will not one of you confess your awareness to me? Only one of you I shall need. One among you can set free the boundaries established by corruption. Who of you can birth the end? Who among you will it be? Which one of you can see? Which of you is destined to rule? Show me? I will birth the new world. I can produce peace through obedience. It has begun. Prepare for revelation. IT”S ALL IN A PICTURE.
    Arthur Lee Lewis III
    After reading this for the first time I was stunned by it’s simple, yet powerful meaning. Who is this man? I wondered. A lunatic? A religious fanatic? Neither, I was soon to find out. After several voicemail attempts and endless e-mails, I was finally able to meet with this seemingly brilliant, mystery man. When greeted by Arthur at his modest home in suburbian Missouri, I was overwhelmed by his glowing appearance, his hair was bright yellow almost white, his face was red, but did not appear to be red from the sun, his eyes were very dark almost black. As I was asked to sit down I couldn’t help but to stare at him. He was very intriguing, seeming to be one who would stand out in a crowded room. My first question for him was a very simple one. “Why did you write these things?” I asked. Before answering, he reached into his breast pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes, then after lighting one, he responded, “I wrote these things for you.” “For me?” I responded? “Of course”. he said. “Why else would you be here?”

    Full interview available…….

    Arem Natwin,
    Reichniffe Post

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