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Operational question here: when I read news with Google Reader, I star some things and I share some things. Often they are the same things, but not always. To me, the star means “This needs more attention later”, kind of like a “Next Action” in the GTD sense. Share put is in the public link blog. If I come back to one of these things and I subsequently blog it, I unstar it. Should I also “unshare” at that point or just leave everything always in there? I don’t have a real feel for what is useful to the people that might use this.

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  1. Personally, I star stuff I might want to review later (things to do with post-it notes, tricks with mobile phones, general lifehacker pages often, or stuff I want to come back to) and I share anything which I think others might like to see. Sometimes this will be both, sometimes not. But I would leave anything I’ve shared as shared so it runs like a bookmarking function of things you think others might like to read. Don’t see the point in unsharing anything, unless you change your mind. Plus if you did, someone might like a link you shared, then forget where it was but remember it was through your shared GR links and go through your site to find it…more traffic!
    I did wonder how you got your google reader shared items to look like they do. I’m just running on and had to use the RSS Feed gadget in the Sidebar

  2. I don’t generally unshare things either, though I do unstar (I use it for followups as well). I like the idea of the shared links as a historic timeline-type thing.

  3. concur – leave the shared as such even if you then blog on it…

    i use both shared posts from greader and sync’d w/ my feedburner rss feed, which i like better than greader sharing because if can provide a brief comment on and tag/bookmark – so it ends up as a retained mini-post or aside…

    for me the shared items i get from others helps me broaden my feedbase finding new interesting posts and feeds, which i like…

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